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$875,000.00 Assisted Living Neglect Settlement – Charleston Assisted Living Neglect Lawyer Nathan Hughey

Nathan Hughey

Nathan Hughey

Charleston Assisted Living Neglect Attorney Nathan Hughey recovered an $875,000.00 in a settlement against a large NewHLF300x300assisted living chain arising out of a case in Charleston County, South Carolina.  Mr. Hughey, who handles assisted living abuse and neglect cases throughout South Caroline, was thrilled for his clients with the outcome, as were they.  The case involved injuries suffered during an outing on the facility’s van. During a “mystery ride”, Mr. Hughey’s client was not properly strapped to the van, and her wheelchair tipped over, causing her to sustain a fracture to her neck, among other injuries.  The assisted living falls case resulted in a cervical fracture, an extended hospitalization, pain and suffering, and, Mr. Hughey argued, her death.  Mr. Hughey utilized technology to provide a day in the life video.

South Carolina assisted living abuse lawyer Nathan Hughey had a client who had been a life long supporter of the local community where she lived, in Edisto, South Carolina, and volunteer in various organizations, and he attended her funeral. He was touched by the family members and prosecuted the case, resulting in a very sizable resolution for the family.

Dot2In prosecuting the case, he was able to show that there had not been proper training with respect to the wheelchair, and

Mr. Hughey obtained video from the family members showing how wonderful of a person the client was, and contrasted this with video shot in the hospital just before her death showing her pain and suffering.  The settlement was the largest assisted living settlement Mr. Hughey was aware of in the state, but most settlements are confidential and it is therefore impossible to know.  Every case is different, and must be evaluated on its own, and this does not guarantee a result in a particular case.