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Nursing Home Abuse Overview

South Carolina Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect is a serious problem that the Hughey Law Firm fights against on a daily basis. At the Hughey Law Firm, Attorney Nathan Hughey has the experience necessary to prosecute your nursing home case be it abuse or neglect. Many of our nursing home cases are referred to us by other lawyers and law firms that hire us for our experience in prosecuting nursing home abuse and neglect cases. Doctors, judges, and other lawyers have come to us for help or referred cases to our firm because they believe in our track record and ability. Nursing home abuse and neglect cases are very complicated procedurally. The Hughey Law Firm has the knowledge within the field necessary to move your case along in an efficient and timely manner. Our goal is to get you the best result possible in the most proficient manner probable as quickly as we can – nothing else. That is the commitment you will receive time and time again from our nursing home lawyers in South Carolina.