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Nursing Home Med Tech Admits to Murdering Nursing Home Resident

As a nursing home neglect and nursing home abuse attorney at Hughey Injury Lawyers, I have seen many Logohorrific acts alleged to have taken place in various nursing homes.  These include abusing nursing home residents, beating nursing home residents, sexually assaulting nursing home residents, and, yes, even killing nursing home residents.  Nearly every time, when examined, the employee in question has a criminal history which includes charges involving crimes of violence, or other mental health conditions which went unnoticed as a result of a failure to conduct a background check.  Furthermore, warning signs such as prior complaints of abuse against a worker or facility can often signify a propensity for future issues to arise. Despite having experienced these before, its still shocking when it comes up.

According to the Louisville Courier-Journal, a nursing home med tech has admitted to killing an elderly resident with an insulin injection.  The med tech, terminally ill, apparently called police and told them he should spend his last days locked in a cell for what he had done.  The man, David Satterfield, confessed to the police that he murdered an 86-year-old widow six years ago.

According to the Courier-Journal, the resident liked to sing to her nurses.  Satterfield intentionally injected her with insulin, which she did not need, until she died.

Now the investigation has expanded to determine whether could be responsible for other deaths at the six nursing homes he has worked, throughout states from Kentucky to Florida.

On the morning of July 5, 2007, Vale and two other Parkway residents on the sixth floor — the dementia ward — were found soaked in sweat, stiff and unresponsive.  None were diabetic, but their blood glucose level had dropped to below a count of 25 when it should have hovered between 75 and 125, according to an investigative report.

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