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Nursing Home Owners Unethically Denying Pay to Workers Despite 20% Profits

13 - 1As a nursing home abuse attorney, I have seen time after time where accidents and injuries could have been prevented, had adequate, appropriately trained staff been employed by the facility.  Now it has been confirmed what we already knew, that the greedy companies that operate nursing homes are raking in money and unethically denying pay to their workers.

Corporate Greed Confirmed 

The Editorial Director at a long term care advisory company has stated that “senior living profits . . . [are] more like 20%” depending on who you believe.  John O’ Connor of McKnights also notes, “its obvious that some operators are engaging in a less than honorable business practice: systematically underpaying the help.”


Workers Mistreated Just Like the Elderly

The article also discusses how one senior living community has just agreed to pay almost $600,000 to settle a claim that asserts it shaved employee work hours to reduce costs and avoid paying overtime. The firm also ordered some workers to punch out and work off the clock, according to court documents.

Next time you are in a facility, and you see all the self-congratulatory award, slickly marketed photos of smiling workers and residents, and other misleading claims, remember who the people running nursing homes often really are – greedy corporations that treat old people as a means to make money, not as human beings.