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Assisted Living Facilities – No Excuse for Keeping Residents Who Need Nursing Home Care Per New Study

Nathan Hughey Charleston Injury Lawyer

Nathan Hughey
Charleston Injury Lawyer

I am South Carolina assisted living abuse lawyer Nathan Hughey.  Assisted Living Facilities routinely keep residents well past the point of when the facility can take care of them. It’s all about making money. These companies don’t open facilities to care for people. They buy and sell them to make hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars. They are miserly on staffing and routinely charge over $5000 a month for essentially nothing to the residents but a few cheap meals and minimal care. When the residents, particularly those with dementia, have greater needs, the facilities try to force shifted risk through “negotiated risk assessments” and other efforts to avoid accountability. This study shows that  Nathan Hughey and the  members of  can use tools effectively conveying that those with  need  care eventually.

Assisted Living Lawsuits often arise out of failure to transfer patients when the facility can no longer provide care for the patient. South Carolina Assisted Living Abuse and Neglect lawyers and Charleston assisted living neglect lawsuits would likely be less prevalent if the facilities used tools such as that advocated in a new article from Columbia University Medical Center. Using simple checkups which rely on algorithms for predicting the end time in an Alzheimer’s patient, as articulated by the Journal Of Alzheimer’s Disease, it can be determined when a patient needs nursing home case.

Alzheimer’s patients in assisted living, facilities should be able to predict when its time to let someone move on, with “great specificity”:

“Predicting Alzheimer’s progression has been a challenge because the disease varies significantly from one person to another—two Alzheimer’s patients may both appear to have mild forms of the disease, yet one may progress rapidly, while the other progresses much more slowly,” said senior author Yaakov Stern, PhD, professor of neuropsychology (in neurology, psychiatry, and psychology and in the Taub Institute for Research on Alzheimer’s Disease and the Aging Brain and the Gertrude H. Sergievsky Center) at CUMC. “Our method enables clinicians to predict the disease path with great specificity.”

As we have seen in PBS Frontline’s moving documentary, “Life and Death in Assisted Living” assisted living companies have plans in place to “Close The Back Door” and NewHLF300x300keep the money coming in. I have witnessed time after time of assisted living facilities keeping residents, because the family pays over $5,000.00 a month, when there is zero argument the facility is appropriate. I use this experience when litigating assisted living claims to attempt to prove violations of the State Regulations for Assisted Living Facilities in each South Carolina assisted living abuse lawsuit that I handle as a Charleston assisted living lawyer.

I will implment this article and its research to further expose the profit hungry corporations that prey on families in assisted living facilities. I do not condone assisted living abuse and neglect.

“In addition to time to nursing home residence or death, our method can be used to predict time to assisted living or other levels of care, such as needing help with eating or dressing, or time to incontinence,” said first author Ray Razlighi, PhD, assistant professor of neurology at CUMC and adjunct assistant professor of biomedical engineering at Columbia University.

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