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Pressure Ulcers / Bed Sores

Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse often results in pressure sores. Pressure sores are unavoidable in almost all circumstances. Don’t let the nursing home tell you otherwise. Nursing home neglect results in the development of pressure sores. Assisted living facilities have no business letting residents develop pressure sores. At the Hughey Law Firm, our South Carolina nursing home attorneys can help with loved ones who suffer neglect leading to bedsores in a nursing home. A resident should have a care plan that prevents pressure sores or bed sores, and they should not occur if that is followed. Pressure sores can be caused by not only pressure, but by failing to provide nutrition and hydration. In some cases, failing to provide proper toileting and other failures leads to discomfort and unnecessary pain. Pressure sores are horrible and painful. We focus solely on helping you prosecute your nursing home claims and get justice for any pressure sores that develop due to abuse or neglect.