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South Carolina Jury Awards $50 Million in Car Wreck Death Case

A jury in Charleston, South Carolina today awarded $50,000,000.00 in an automobile accident death case.  I believe this is the largest verdict in South Carolina history in a personal injury lawsuit.

The case involved a wrongful death claim brought by a woman whose husband was killed five years ago by a driver who ran a red-light, throwing the motorcycle riding Decedent from his motorcycle and killing him.  According to others, the driver had already been charged twice for driving without a license, and received his third citation as a result of this accident.

The verdict included $20 million in actual damages and $30 million in punitive damages.

There have been several verdicts in Charleston County recently which have really seemed to demonstrate a changing of beliefs and values from a “conservative” venue according to defense lawyers and adjusters, to one that renders justice, whether or not that fits in with conservative.

Good to see the jury do that in this case.

Charleston Injury Lawyer Nathan Hughey of Hughey Injury Lawyers wrote this article.