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Alleged Unethical Hospital Practices in South Carolina, Continued

As an attorney who has lived in South Carolina his entire life – and seen the good, bad, and ugly of the hospitals – I hate the fact that the average citizen never hears much about the bad and the ugly but only the “spin” of the hospitals and the alleged good they do.  Far too often, a hospital is nothing but a money-hungry self-promoting PR machine that gets away with overbilling, understaffing, poor training, and poor care.

Things may have reached a new low, if allegations are true and WIS-TV’s story is correct.  Tuomey Hospital in Sumter has been found guilty, by verdict, of  violating various laws, including the false claims act, according to WIS-TV.  Tuomey was ordered to pay $237 million in damages, and it is under appeal.  Tuomey said they would have to close the hospital if they actually had to pay the verdict for what they were found to have done.  The federal government later asked for a $70 million while appeals took place.

Tuomey, yesterday, claimed it would have to file bankruptcy if it had to pay the $70 million, according to WIS.  Tuomey did what hospitals do best, pandered to sympathy saying that the“filing of bankruptcy would be very disruptive and have severe consequences to Tuomey’s ability to provide healthcare to the Sumter community.”  Keep in mind, per WIS-TV, Tuomey paid CEO Jay Cox and former Vice President Gregg Martin as follows:

  • 2008 – Cox’s salary was $657,456, plus $56,974 extra; totaling $714,430. Martin’s salary was $385,132, plus $51,870; totaling $437,002.
  • 2009 – Cox’s salary was $835,713. Martin’s salary was $499,803.
  • 2010 – Cox’s salary was $655,102, plus $185,520; totaling $840,622. Martin’s salary was $409,323, plus $122,280; totaling $531,603.
  • 2011 – Cox’s salary was $838,646, plus $172,427; totaling $1,011,000

Some hospitals proclaim the great things they do for the community.  They cover up the fraud they commit.  They deny liability.  Then they claim they can’t pay.  This sickens me.  Contact Hughey Injury Lawyers if you have a hospital negligence, fraud, or other claim, and we will look into it for you gladly.